•   Vacuum Ovens Are Double Walled.
  •   Inside Chamber is Made Of Thick Stainless Steel 304 Quality.
  •   Out Side Chamber Made Of Mild Steel Sheet Pre Greased. Pretreated For Rust Proofing And Powder Coated.
  •    High Grade Glass Wool Insulation Between The Chambers To Avoid Heat Loss. Uniform Drying Under Vacuum.
  •    Temp. Ranges From 50°c To 200 c With J- 1 ‘c Accuracy.
  •    Vacuum Gauge of 760mm hg I)isplaycd On Analog Guage.
  •    Temp. Controlled By Digital Temp. Indicator Curn Controller.
  •    Vacuum chamber Is Wrapped With Set Of High Quality Heaters For Quick And Uniform Heating.
  •    Door Has A Thick Tempered Toughned Glass Window. Perfectly Sealed With Silcon Rubber Gasket For Observation Without Disturbing Thermal Condition.
  •    Proper Dxr Alignment To Ensure Excellent Vacuum Performance And Operators Safety.
  •    Positive Screw To Tighten The Lid To Obtain Perfect Seal.
  •    Fitted With Diaphragm Valves And Vacuum Guage.
  •   Control Panel With Temp. Controller. Switches And Indicating Lamps Provided On The Front Panel.
  •   Suitable For 230V, Ac, 50hz.
  •   Available In Rectangular ChamberAlso.
  •   Vacuum Control And Relief Valves Located On Front Of Unit For Convenient Monitoring.


                                     SIZES IN RECTANGULAR MODEL
S.No Size In CM. No.of Shelves
1 20 X 20 X 30 Cm. 2
2 30 X 30 X 40 Cm. 2
3 35 X 35 X 50 Cm. 3
4 45 X 45 X 45 Cm. 3
5 45 X 45 X 60 Cm. 3
6 50 X 50 X 75 Cm. 4